Multi-Concept Restaurants

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Multi-Concept Restaurants

Your multi-concept restaurant needs accounting services that are just as flexible as the ones you provide. Instead of managing all the accounting between concepts on your own, outsource the responsibilities to a reliable restaurant accounting company like RDMS Group.

Unique Challenges Multi-Concept Restaurants Face

Multi-concept restaurants are busy ensuring each part of the business receives equal attention without losing sight of the others. Besides the overall day-to-day challenges of managing different concepts, many multi-concept restaurant groups also face challenges like:

  • Not having a central source for bookkeeping
  • Managing business decisions for multiple businesses within a company
  • Handling diverse menus across numerous facilities
  • Managing various revenue streams for each concept in the restaurant
  • Determining the right time to add another concept
  • Staff turnover between concepts

To combat these challenges, leaving the accounting operations to an outsourced accounting company may be the best solution for your restaurant business.


Benefits of Partnering With an Outsourced Accounting Company

Juggling the various tasks of running multiple businesses within one enterprise can become overwhelming. To help you reclaim control of the chaos and ensure every part runs smoothly, you can let an outsourced accounting company like RDMS Group handle all your restaurant accounting operations.

Enjoy benefits like:

  • Saving on costs
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Bettering your financial management
  • Improving scalability
  • Enhancing business agility

With your multi-concept restaurants operating similarly on the administrative side, utilizing all-inclusive accounting services from RDMS Group ensures your business only has one system to focus on instead of multiple.

Solutions RDMS Offers for Multi-Concept Restaurants

RDMS Group is your trusted restaurant accounting partner. We offer complete accounting and consulting solutions and services to help ensure your enterprise stays ahead and on top of integral accounting responsibilities. Experience high-tech solutions for:

Payroll processing



Benchmark analysis



Budget adjustments



Period end P&L review meetings



Accounts payable outsourcing



Audit support



Monthly sales tax filing



We will connect you with leading technology to help you improve your multi-concept systems at a fraction of the cost of building an internal accounting system.


Restaurant Accounting Successes and Ongoing Growth Opportunities

With an updated restaurant accounting system, your multi-concept restaurant will have a more cohesive way to manage all accounting aspects while gaining more opportunities to grow.

Enjoy services that outsourcing accounting companies provide, including but not limited to:

  • Remaining up to date about your business information
  • Ensuring you make smarter purchasing decisions for all concepts
  • Implementing better inventory management
  • Improving your cash flow management

How RDMS Group Helps Improve Your Accounting Operations

RDMS Group streamlines your accounting operations to help increase cash flow and give you more time to focus on other business necessities. We ensure you receive the tools and resources needed to make your operations smoother. Work with us and get:

  • CFO solutions
  • Upgraded technology
  • Enhanced operational insights
  • Improved accounting solutions
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