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The point of sale is the singular most critical piece of equipment in understanding your operation and allowing you to keep pace with modern restaurant trends. Not only does the POS affect the efficiency of your staff and service, but nearly every technology and integration will be dependent upon what solution you choose.

We are proud to partner with Toast accounting software for restaurants to make sure our clients are set up for success.

We focus on building “technology ecosystems” that have useful integrations — something often promised and rarely delivered in this industry. With the rapidly changing requirements for guest interaction, we have found Toast POS is best in class for the current and long-term goals of most operators.


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About Toast POS Solutions

Toast’s restaurant-centric platform combines point-of-sale, front-of-house, back-of-house and guest-facing technology that empowers restaurateurs. Tied with our accounting and analysis, we can help create a comprehensive system that will put you in total control of your operation.

Please see the services section below for examples of consulting services we can offer to help you with your Toast POS for restaurants or feel free to contact us by clicking the button below.

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RDMS Group Services Offered

RDMS Group provides a comprehensive selection of services aimed at helping you maximize your operations with Toast restaurant software.

Implementation Consulting Services

Deciding to add Toast to your operations is only the beginning — the next step is successfully implementing it. We have a team of experts to help.

Our implementation consulting services cover the entire process, from exploration to full implementation. As part of these engagements, RDMS Group will:

  • Assess your restaurant’s readiness for implementation.
  • Make adjustments as needed.
  • Prepare system documentation.
  • Integrate complementary technology.
  • Provide ongoing implementation support.

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Benefits of Toast  Software for Restaurants

Toast POS accounting software has gained traction with restaurant owners and managers because it offers advantages for end users at every level.

For operators and staff, the platform delivers benefits like:

  • Ease of use: Toast POS offers a user-friendly experience with intuitive navigation.
  • High configurability: The software is extensively customizable, so you can tailor it to meet your establishment’s needs.
  • Seamless integrations: The platform works with numerous other applications you already rely on to create a cohesive system.
  • Competitive pricing: Toast aims to be a cost-effective solution with straightforward options and pricing.
  • Robust built-in tools: This solution has numerous onboard features that boost efficiency, like payment processing and automation tools.

The Toast restaurant computer system also provides exceptional benefits to your guests, such as:

  • Online ordering and delivery tracking: Guests can place digital orders and monitor their status in real time.
  • Integrated loyalty programs: Toast’s guest engagement tools keep customers returning for more.
  • Instant feedback: Guests can enter their comments directly into the platform, so you’ll have a centralized source of feedback aligning with your reporting.

All users additionally benefit from cloud-based accessibility and security. That means guests and staff members can connect from any internet-enabled device and enjoy real-time visibility. Plus, cloud-native software translates into significant scalability to grow with your establishment.


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Current Toast Customer System Reviews

If you already use the Toast restaurant computer system in your operations, we can help you optimize it with a system review. During the process, our professionals will analyze your workflows for efficiency gains. We’ll also assess potential advantages you could realize by changing equipment, service levels or software components. Our recommendations will center on your unique operations and needs, translating to better decision-making.

Menu Audit and Adjustments

Maximizing Toast POS means efficiently integrating your restaurant’s workflows and systems — including your menu. Accurate data must flow freely between different users, tools and areas.

At RDMS Group, our Toast POS team carries out comprehensive menu audits to ensure:

  • Automated information exchange between front- and back-of-house.
  • Accurate integrations with online meal delivery partners.
  • Correct configurations for custom reporting.

If adjustments are required, we’ll make them on the spot.

Sales Tax Setup and Audit

RDMS Group can help you set up the correct sales tax framework in Toast POS to make collection and remittance a breeze. We’ll also ensure you’re prepared for any audit by establishing the reporting you’ll need for documentation.

New Menu Development

Whether you’re managing multiple locations or serving up dishes that change seasonally, you need a way to streamline customer menus. Our Toast POS will handle the back-office menu development by ensuring:

  • Functional display and availability.
  • Accurate naming, photos and descriptions.
  • A seamless user experience following robust testing and quality assurance.

Transition to Hand-Held Equipment Consulting

Today’s lifestyle is all about being connected on the go, and that extends to restaurants. By introducing hand-held technology to your operations, your front-of-house staff can:

  • Spend more time interacting with guests and less running back and forth.
  • Provide faster and more attentive service.
  • Simplify and accelerate payment processing.

We can help by recommending the ideal equipment for your unique operations. We’ll also train your staff on device use so they have the confidence they need to embrace the change.

Delivery Company Integrations

While restaurant meal delivery companies aren’t new on the scene, they grew by 142% during the pandemic and show no signs of slowing. By making the most of this convenience, your restaurant can grow its profits and customer base — but that can be challenging without proper integration. Disparate systems create an efficiency loss and increase the potential for error when data entry is manual and duplicated.

RDMS Group will configure your Toast POS to integrate with the industry-leading delivery company you choose. Orders will route directly to the kitchen, saving time and money.

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About Toast POS

Toast’s restaurant centric platform combines point of sale, front of house, back of house, and guest-facing technology that empowers restaurateurs. Tied with our accounting and analysis, we can help create a comprehensive system that will put you in total control of your operation.

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