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Restaurant365 is a back-office platform created for the restaurant industry. As a cloud-based system, it is integrated with your point of sale, certain payroll systems, strategic vendors, your bank and even credit cards.


We have found this program, when implemented correctly, helps to achieve our goal of real-time access to daily financial information and strategic automation of specific accounting data transfers.


When properly setup and with our team providing insight, you are certain to find additional margin opportunities.


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POS Integration Process Chart - Restaurant AccountingWhether you are working through your an integration and need assistance or are looking for a firm to manage the entire process for you, RDMS would be happy to discuss your needs and educate you about this technology as we are a certified Trusted Partner.

Our firm is in a unique position to evaluate nearly every major technology platform and assess which are the industry best in class.  To complicate things, the restaurant industry  does not have man integrated “tech stacks” available to operators.

We have a thorough vetting process before fully integrating any solution within our firm and spend years evaluating any technology before fully implementing it. We appreciate that our clients rely on us for daily feedback about their financial and operational performance and we believe partnering with the R365 team provides a great tool to manage any food-service operation.

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